FB Download is one of the most popular Facebook video downloader services on the web. We will automatically search your wanted mp4 (video container) video on Facebook and generate a comfortable list of all found direct downloads.

How To use the Facebook Video Downloader

  1. Enter the Facebook video url in the input field above
  2. Click the "Start" button next to it
  3. Choose your wanted result
    If your wanted result is not in the list you need to redefine the Facebook video url and start the process again
  4. Click on the download button to start the download process

Further information about the Facebook video downloader process: While you entering your video url, FB Download will check if the url is a valid Facebook video url. If the entered url is valid, the download process will be enabled and can be used. Click the "Start" button to start the download process. At first you will get a comfortable list of each video we found. Next to each video you will see a preview picture of the video and a big download button. Click the download button and the download process will start. The download prompt of your browser will open and you need to choose the directory to save the video. After all is done and the download has finished, you can watch the video locally on your device.